Germany pledges continued military support for Ukraine

Germany will continue its military support for Ukraine, said Chancellor Olaf Scholz, noting that Berlin will deliver modern IRIS-T air defense systems to Kyiv, News.Az reports citing German media.

Speaking at the Bundestag, Scholz said Berlin to supply another batch of weapons to Kyiv in the weeks to come.

“The government has decided to deliver modern German IRIS-T air defense systems to Kyiv. Ukraine will also be provided with the most modern radar systems,” he said.

Ukraine will be able to use IRIS-T air defense systems starting November, according to Bild newspaper.

Furthermore, Germany will send 12 PzH 2000 howitzers to Ukraine under an agreement with the Netherlands.

IRIS-T air defense systems are designed to hit aircraft, helicopters, drones and other air targets at a distance of 40 kilometers and at an altitude of 20 kilometers.


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