High school students protest police violence in Paris

At least 10 Parisian high schools are totally blocked and classes have been disrupted in 16 others.

Hundreds of high school students protesting police brutality on Thursday following the alleged rape of a young black man, are currently blocked by riot police at the Place de la Nation in the eastern side of the French capital, according to Anadolu Agency.

Police said eight were arrested for throwing projectiles at them, "stealing" and causing damage during the “unauthorized” protest.

TV footage and photos shared on social media showed doors of several Parisian high schools blocked and closed with trash bins and slogans denouncing police violence after the Theo affair.

Tension in French suburbs has simmered over the alleged rape of a 22-year-old man -- identified only as Theo -- by police during an ID check.

One officer has been charged with rape while the others face charges of voluntary aggravated violence. The officers denied doing it intentionally and said it was an “accident”.

Le Roux has suspended the four police officers.

More than 300 people have been arrested since the outbreak of riots on Feb. 4.

At least 10 Parisian high schools are totally blocked and classes have been disrupted in 16 others, according to education authorities.

France Info radio reported clashes between students and police in the capital's 11th arrondissement in front of the Voltaire high school. Footage shows trash bins torched and police using tear gas to disperse the crowds.

A similar protest is taking place in Montpelier, in southern France.

The unrest which started in several Paris suburbs, quickly spread to Lille, Marseille and other French cities, carrying echoes of riots that rocked the country in 2005 over the deaths of Bouna Traore, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17 -- electrocuted in a power substation after being chased by police in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.


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