Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijani army among world’s strong armies

Today the Azerbaijani army is among the world’s strong armies, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

“On the eve of the Armed Forces Day, we can say with certainty that today the Azerbaijani army is among the world’s strong armies. This is obvious to the Azerbaijani public as well, and is also confirmed by the world’s leading rating agencies,” said President Aliyev addressing the opening ceremony of a new defense industry plant in country’s Shirvan city on Friday.
He noted that the Azerbaijani army is among the world’s 50 strongest armies.
“Army building is always in the spotlight of the Azerbaijani state. The largest part of the budget is spent on military needs, which is natural, because we live in a state of war,” the president said.
He pointed out that much work has been done in recent years to strengthen the material and technical base of the Azerbaijani army.
“The Azerbaijani army is well-equipped thanks to both local production and imported military equipment. The most modern weapons, combat vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery systems, armored vehicles, tanks, cannons, the most advanced air defense systems – all these means have greatly strengthened our military power,” added the president. 
President Aliyev said that consistent work will also be carried out in this direction in subsequent years.
“Our military budget is large enough. This issue is a priority for us. I want to reiterate that we live in a state of war. If there was no war, then, probably, so much money would not have been spent on these purposes. But the war is not over, the first stage has come to an end. We must always stand ready to liberate our occupied territories by military means,” he said.
The president added that along with this, in recent years, the service and domestic problems of servicemen have been solved.
“In recent years, many military bases and towns have been commissioned and the service conditions of servicemen have been significantly improved,” he said.
President Aliyev noted that the work is also underway to fully improve the living conditions of Azerbaijani servicemen.
“Based on the decision taken to date, servicemen who have perfectly served for more than 20 years are provided with free apartments. This also shows the social policy of the Azerbaijani state and the country’s attention to the army,” he added. 


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