Illuminated zebra crossings to promote road safety in Tbilisi

Illuminated pedestrian crossings are popping up in suburbs all over Georgia’s capital to bring attention to walkways and raise awareness of road safety in Tbili

Located in the Didube district, the city’s first illuminated zebra crossing was unveiled this morning to drivers and pedestrians, according to

Proper visibility during night hours is very important in terms of road safety. If pedestrians wear dark colour clothes it is very difficult for drivers to notice that someone is crossing the road. Such illuminated zebra crossings will help drivers to better spot [and be aware of] pedestrians,” said Eka Laliashvili of the Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads.

The illumination of the crossing was initiated by head of Transport Municipality Service of Tbilisi City Hall Mamuka Mumladze. The same pedestrian crossing was painted in bright hues last year by Didube District Administration employees together with students of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts last week.

At that time, British newspaper The Guardian ranked the zebra crossing the second most creative crosswalk in the world. A zebra crossing in Chile was ranked first in the list.



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