In Photos: Devastating floods in Pakistan

Severe rains and flooding have killed more than 1,100 people in Pakistan since mid-June, officials said, News.Az reports citing CNN. 

Floodwaters are threatening to cover up to a third of the country by the end of the monsoon season.

At least 33 million people have been affected by the disaster, said Pakistan's Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman. She called the floods "unprecedented" and "the worst humanitarian disaster of this decade."

She highlighted in particular the impact on the south of the country, adding that "maximum" relief efforts are underway.

Residents gather beside a road damaged by flooding in Kyhber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, on Monday, August 29. (Abdul Majeed/AFP/Getty Images)

A satellite image shows the scale of the flooding along the banks of the Indus River in Rajanpur, Pakistan, on Sunday, August 28. )Maxar Technologies/Reuters)

People wade through floodwaters in Pakistan's Mirpur Khas district on August 28. (Ahmed Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Flooded land is seen in Mingora, a town in Pakistan's northern Swat Valley, on August 28. (Abdul Majeed/AFP/Getty Images)

Volunteers load relief food bags on a truck in Karachi, Pakistan, on August 28. (Rizwan Tabassum/AFP/Getty Images)

Displaced people take refuge along a highway after fleeing from their flood-hit homes in Pakistan's Charsadda district on August 28. (Abdul Majeed/AFP/Getty Images)

Displaced people wade through a flooded area in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Saturday, August 27. (Hussain Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

A man swims in floodwaters while heading for higher ground in Charsadda, Pakistan, on August 27. (Fayaz Aziz/Reuters)

Volunteers prepare food boxes to distribute among flood victims in Peshawar on Friday, August 26. (Fayaz Aziz/Reuters)

A family carries their belongings through floodwaters in Jamshoro, Pakistan, on August 26. (Yasir Rajput/Reuters)

People walk through floodwaters in Dagai Mukram Khan, Pakistan, on August 26. (Hussain Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Rescue workers carry out an evacuation operation for stranded people in Rajanpur on August 25. (Shahid Saeed Mirza/AFP/Getty Images)

A boy wades through his flooded house in Karachi on July 26.(Rizwan Tabassum/AFP/Getty Images)



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