In Pictures: Shanghai Disneyland reopens

Disney has reopened its Shanghai Disneyland park to a reduced number of visitors, ending a more than three-month closure caused by the coronavirus outbreak, BBC News reports. 

China has seen declining virus cases for weeks and has been gradually easing restrictions.

On Monday, it reported 17 new cases nationally - the highest daily increase since 28 April - bringing the total number of cases to 82,918, with the death toll at 4,633.

Mickey Mouse and friends could only welcome 24,000 people, in keeping with government rules to cap attendance (Reuters)

Tickets sold out for the Monday reopening of the theme park (Reuters)

There were mandatory masks, temperature screenings and imposed social distancing for visitors and employees (Reuters)
Disney's Shanghai park is the first of its six resorts around the world to reopen (Reuters)

As well as scrapping parades and fireworks, Disney kept interactive play areas and indoor live theatre shows closed (CHINA NEWS SERVICE/GETTY IMAGES)
The vast majority of rides as well as most of the park's restaurants and shows will be open, management said (CHINA NEWS SERVICE/GETTY IMAGES)

A worker holds a sign reading: "Please maintain a respectful social distance from other guests" (CHINA NEWS SERVICE/GETTY IMAGES)

Shanghai offers a glimpse of how other Disney parks might eventually operate - visitors holding annual passes are being asked to reserve an entry time and day in advance (Reuters)

Markers have been added to areas where people might congregate, such as shops and entertainment areas, to maintain distancing (CHINA NEWS SERVICE/GETTY IMAGES)

The reopening comes after the first new cases in more than a month were recorded in Wuhan, the city where the virus emerged (CHINA NEWS SERVICE/GETTY IMAGES)

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