Iran, Russia review producing COVID 19 vaccine in Tehran

Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali and the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev reviewed the joint production of a vaccine for coronavirus.

In his online meeting, Jalali congratulated the Russian government for its success in producing the COVID19 vaccine and suggested health and medical cooperation.

He also pointed to negotiations between Iranian and Russian health ministers and the agreement between two sides with regard to joint cooperation.

He referred to the results of cooperation between Iran's Pasteur Institute and the National Gamaleya Center of Russia and hoped for starting the process of making vaccines as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Dmitriev expressed happiness over the two countries’ cooperation in the mass production of the COVID19 vaccine.

Russia is the first country in the world that has unveiled the COVID19 vaccine.

Earlier, Iranian Agriculture Jihad Minister Kazem Khavazi announced that the animal phase of the trial of Iran's anti-coronavirus vaccine has been ended in Razi Serology Institute and it is getting ready for the first phase of the clinical trial of the vaccine.

(c) IRNA


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