Italian MP commends active participation of young voters in Azerbaijan’s presidential election

Italian MP Andrea Di Giuseppe applauded the active participation of young voters in the snap presidential election in Azerbaijan.

The Italian lawmaker, who is visiting Azerbaijan to monitor the election, said he visited 13 polling stations in the country. Andrea Di Giuseppe emphasized that the voting process at the polling stations was transparent.

“The voter turnout since the morning has been proceeding very well. We saw a lot of young people at the polling stations. This is very good for the process of democracy and means its development. Young people in Italy, Europe, are reluctant to accept participation in voting, whilst here at the polling stations we recorded a large number of the younger generation, and this is excellent,” he added.

On February 7, at 8 a.m., the presidential election in the Republic of Azerbaijan commenced across the entirety of the country’s sovereign territory. Seven candidates are competing for the presidency

The voting is taking place at 6,537 polling stations in 125 constituencies, including 6,319 permanent stations and 218 located in Azerbaijan’s embassies, consulates general and permanent representations in foreign countries, as well as in military units, treatment and correctional facilities, sanatoriums, ships navigating under the country`s national flag in the Caspian Sea and international waters.

A total of 6,524,203 ballot papers were issued.

All constituency election commissions were provided with computers and other necessary equipment. On the voting day, operational information regarding the progress of the election will be announced from the Information Center of the Central Election Commission.

To ensure the transparency of the voting process, web cameras installed at 1000 polling stations are connected to the official websites of the Central Election Commission (;; Through these cameras, it is possible to monitor the real-time progress of voting at polling stations (excluding the process of filling out ballots in the voting booth) on the websites of the Central Election Commission. The list of the webcam-equipped polling stations was published in the press and is available at the websites of the Central Election Commission.

The number of eligible voters in the country is 6,478,623.

The voting is being monitored by 790 international observers representing 72 international organizations and citizens of 89 countries. The total number of local observers is 89,366.

The election is being covered by 216 representatives of 109 foreign media outlets.

The voting will end at 7 p.m.


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