Italian travel portal publishes article about Azerbaijan

Italy's travel portal has published an article '10 reasons to visit Azerbaijan this year'.

The article presents the images of picturesque places of our country popular among tourists. 

It is noted that the ideal travel to Azerbaijan starts with its capital Baku and in order to get acquainted with the marvellous places of the city it is necessary to begin with the oldest part of the city - Icheri Sheher.

The article reads that in the continuously developing Baku antiquity comes in harmony with modernity. Gradiose Flame Towers, Heydar Aliyev Center, Crystal Hall and other new buildings completely change Baku's appearance.

The article tells about Qobustan's national park included into the UNESCO's List of Cultural Heritage, as one of the most popular places among tourists, as well as the mud volcanoes of Absheron.

The article also features the traditional lifestyle of our people, recommends to visit the picturesque mountains, as well as Guba region, surrounded by rough rocks, to get familiar with the traditions of devotedness to land, while especially noting Khinaliq and Laza villages as most popular among tourists.

The article also speaks about the enigmatic nature of Shaki and Gakh regions located in the northwest of the country, and the popularity of Kish and Ilisu villages among tourists.

In addition, it informs about the Lahij village of Ismayilli, their being famous for their magnificent nature and ancient traditions of crafts.

The article also speaks about the Nakhchivan city, noting that its name means 'City of Noah', since according to the legend, it is in this city that Noah's ship was found.

The author of the article notes the rich and old history of Azerbaijan's carpet weaving, possibility to see different carpets woven in different methods in every house in Azerbaijan, while infiorming about the Carpet Museum which keeps the samples of carpets and other works of applied arts from different centuries. 




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