Japan to seek space policy coordination at upcoming Quad summit

Japan is likely to seek space policy coordination with the United States, Australia and India within the so-called Quad security framework, according to NHK World-Japan.

That goal was included in the government's draft interim report on the review of the roadmap of Japan's space policy.

It said the government may consider launching a satellite to monitor space by fiscal 2026. It added that the government will also study introducing a satellite constellation program, where small satellites work in coordination with one another, to be used for missile defense and other purposes.

The draft said the four Quad partners will promote mutual cooperation on space by sharing data about climate change, ocean resources and other subjects. The draft also said Japan will work with the US and other partners toward applying the rule of law to space while ensuring security and the sustainable, stable use of space.

The government is arranging for these plans to be confirmed at the upcoming Quad summit and US-Japan summit. Both talks are scheduled for next week.


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