John Kennedy's nephew considering running for US President in 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering running for president in 2024, challenging US President Biden for the Democratic nomination, and he says his wife approves, News.Az reports citing Fox News.

"I am thinking about it yes. I have passed the biggest hurdle, that my wife has greenlighted it," Kennedy told a crowd in New Hampshire on Friday, according to reports.

Kennedy's wife, actress Cheryl Hines, was reportedly attending the speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, which for nearly a quarter-century has been a must stop in the Granite State for potential or actual White House contenders.

Kennedy, the son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, describes himself as a lifelong Democrat and has faced criticism for his activism against the COVID-19 vaccine.

In his speech, he called the Democratic National Committee (DNC) decision to upset the presidential nominating calendar wrong, as it moves New Hampshire's primary from the first place into the third.


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