Joint military drills of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan ‘clear message’ to enemies: Nawab

The "Three Brothers - 2021" international exercises of the Special Forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan are a clear message to enemies, Qaiser Nawab, a global youth activist based in Islamabad, told News.Az.

The joint drills that started on Sunday are aimed at improving the interoperability of the Special Forces Units of the three fraternal countries during combat operations, preparing for operations in peacetime and wartime, exchanging knowledge and experience. The exercises will last until September 20.

The youth activist underlined the great significance of the joint exercises for Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey.

“It symbolizes the brotherhood among the three countries since they are collectively working for their security and the region. Pakistan and Turkey have already conducted joint ventures, however, the inclusion of Azerbaijan has further emboldened this partnership,” Nawab added.  


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