Kalbajar hostage sends video from Shusha

Azerbaijani Shahbaz Guliyev, who was captured by Armenians in Kalbajar, has sent his new video to his family.

Captive's brother Ilham Guliyev told azvision.az that Shahbaz said he misses his little daughter.

"We already do not write letters to captives. Letters have been cancelled. They show us their videos and we send our videos to them. Last time Shahbaz said he feels normal. Now his state is a bit better. According to him, he is already not tortured. Shahbaz has also sent a video to his wife and daughter, saying he misses them."

Guliyev noted that he had met the doctor treating his brother in Baku: "The doctor said that Shahbaz underwent treatment and currently feels normal."

Three Azerbaijanis were taken hostage on July 11, 2014. Armenians took Shahbaz Guliyev and Dilgam Asgarov captives and killed Hasan Hasanov. The fictional 'court' sentenced Asgarov to life in prison and Guliyev to 22 years. 



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