Karabakh: Destruction and Cultural Cleansing (VIDEO)

Azerbaijan’s Consulate General in Los Angeles has produced a short film titled “Karabakh: Destruction and Cultural Cleansing.”

The film highlights the scale of destruction and cultural cleansing committed by Armenians in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region. During three decades of illegal occupation of Azerbaijani territories, almost every village, town and city was looted and destroyed by Armenians. All houses of expelled Azerbaijanis were plundered and dismantled brick by brick.

The film also provides information about countless landmines planted by Armenians in Karabakh.

It also stresses that to erase all traces of Azerbaijani culture and history in Karabakh, Armenians systematically decimated cultural and historical monuments. Moreover, Armenians destroyed and desecrated almost all mosques in the Azerbaijani lands, turning many of them into pigsties.

News.Az presents the film.

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