Khojaly - a crime awaiting justice: Peru’s leading newspaper

El Peruano, an official state and influential newspaper of Peru, has published an article by Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Peru Mammad Talibov regarding the 31st anniversary of the Khojaly genocide, the Azerbaijani Embassy told News.Az. 

Providing information about Armenia’s aggression and the act of genocide committed in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly, Ambassador Talibov notes that 613 Azerbaijani civilians, including dozens of children and women, were brutally killed, hundreds of people were injured and went missing during this massacre. The diplomat stresses that unfortunately, perpetrators of the Khojaly genocide have not yet been brought to justice.

Emphasizing that the Khojaly genocide is recognized by several international organizations, the Azerbaijani ambassador says the parliaments of several countries, including the Peruvian Congress, have already passed resolutions condemning this genocide and calling for justice for this massacre.

The article also notes that Azerbaijan is a supporter of peace and justice, and despite the aggression and atrocities committed against the Azerbaijani people, Azerbaijan, after the Patriotic War, proposed Armenia sign a peace treaty to ensure peace in the region. It is also stated that Armenia has not given up its aggressive policy and territorial claims against Azerbaijan, and this country has not taken constructive steps to establish peace, stability and development in the region.

In conclusion, the ambassador says that the Azerbaijani people remember the Khojaly genocide with deep respect and demand justice for the victims in order to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies.


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