Kocharyan needs power in order to preserve his well-being, built on Azerbaijani, Armenian blood – analyst

Armenia’s ex-president Robert Kocharyan quite clearly voiced his election program, which does not contain the issues of economic recovery and improvement of living standards in the country that are of concern to the local population, Andrey Petrov, senior analyst of Vestnik Kavkaza news agency told News.az.

The analyst was commenting on the interview of Robert Kocharyan, one of the masterminds of ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis, to Russian TV presenter Vladimir Pozner.

Petrov noted that Khocharyan’s election program envisages a return to the conditions of his presidency in 1998-2008, aiming to receive more material assistance from Russia and to strengthen anti-Turkish policy.

"In his interview, Kocharyan did not say anything about the real ways to bring Armenia out of the impasse, and in particular he was silent about the prospects of opening the borders and integrating the country into regional processes. He is determined only to continue the confrontation with Azerbaijan and Turkey. Kocharyan’s whole career, which he is so proud of, was built on the war against Azerbaijan. Kocharyan earned a lot of money during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and he simply cannot exist outside the aggressive policy, he does not know how it is,” Petrov said.

The Russian analyst stressed that Kocharyan needs power in order to preserve his well-being, built on Azerbaijani and Armenian blood.

“Kocharyan is currently using his possible connections in Russia to convince the diaspora that he needs to be supported in the elections. At the same time, the diaspora has already become disillusioned with him and now intends to independently participate in elections, enter the Armenian parliament and directly influence decision-making in the republic. Kocharyan is unable to act in modern realities, when the conflict ended with the victory of Azerbaijan and thinks only about how to return to the old days. In Armenia, he is extremely unpopular today, like Serzh Sargsyan, and no one has forgotten that it was they who brought the country to such a deplorable state that the Karabakh clan had to be overthrown by force in the spring of 2018,” he added.

In his interview with Pozner, Kocharyan tried to behave like a confident, experienced and influential politician, the analyst said. “But for those who know what kind of person Kocharyan is, it is perfectly clear that he just wants to return to power and has no plans how to save Armenia and return it from nationalistic fantasies to reality,” Petrov concluded.


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