Korotchenko on blocking OSCE Security Review Conference in Vienna: This is not the first example of such irresponsible behavior of official Yerevan

The blocking of the OSCE Annual Security Review Conference in Vienna is a continuation of the non-constructive policy of official Yerevan, Igor Korotchenko, the military expert and editor-in-chief of the "National Defense" magazine, told News.Az.

According to him, it was obvious that in the case of this conference Armenia would be put in a bad light in view of the latest developments in relation to Azerbaijan in the post-conflict period.  

"Armenia is trying in every possible way to politicize any OSCE platforms, making far-fetched and silly initiatives and statements there. But it is obvious that it is not politically beneficial for Yerevan when certain claims can be made against it. This is why Armenia blocked the OSCE Vienna Сonference. This is not the first example of such irresponsible behavior of official Yerevan. Today there is no Armenian diplomacy at all; everything is paralyzed; there is neither Minister nor Deputy Minister at the Foreign Ministry. Obviously, this is also a manifestation of turbulence on the part of Armenian authorities, against the background of early parliamentary elections, which have just been completed."

The expert also noted that at the Vienna conference claims could be presented to Armenia because of the refusal to transfer maps of minefields to Azerbaijan.

"Quite recently it was reported that the Armenians themselves were blown up on these mines, there were fatalities. This is a humanitarian problem, Armenian mines kill their own citizens. Armenia also refuses to delimit and demarcate its borders with Azerbaijan. That is, Yerevan is still behaving irrationally. And, obviously, normal countries, not as biased as France, have a lot of questions to the representatives of official Yerevan," Korotchenko concluded.


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