Massacre at Texas church kills 27, including shooter

A mass shooting at a small church in mid-Texas has left 27 people dead, including children, while many more have been wounded, according to reports.

The killings are said to have begun about 11:30 a.m., local time, at the First Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, southeast of San Antonio, Texas, according to the BBC.

A local sheriff, Joe Tackitt, earlier stated that an undetermined number of people had been killed, and that many had been taken to the hospital.

The most recent reports show that 27 people have been killed — including the shooter — in what has come to be another gun massacre event in the United States. Wilson county commissioner Albert Gamez stated that as many as 27 were dead as a result of the mass shooting. Some 27 were injured, he added, cited by

"The details are kind of sketchy," Gamez said, cited by the BBC.

The shooter was killed after he fled the scene. The San Antonio branch of the FBI noted that no reason has yet been discovered for the gunman's motive.


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