Meetings will be held with Western Azerbaijanis living in different parts of the world: Community spokesperson

The Western Azerbaijan Community will hold meetings with Western Azerbaijanis living in different parts of the world, the community spokesperson, Ulviyya Zulfikar, told Report.

The spokesperson noted that the conference on “Return and Repatriation in International Law: Concept and Content”, organized on May 7 in Berlin by the Western Azerbaijan Community, together with the Alliance of Azerbaijanis of Germany, was very successful.

U. Zulfikar said the conference shed light on the truths of Western Azerbaijan and featured a broad exchange of views.

“The Declaration adopted at the Berlin conference affirmed our compatriots’ full support to the Western Azerbaijan Community, the umbrella organization dedicated to protecting the rights of Azerbaijani expellees from Armenia, as the legitimate representative of our interests. Our compatriots also declared their intention to work together with the Western Azerbaijan Community on informing and mobilizing the international community about our common cause. Moreover, it was declared that an agreement was reached to hold consultations on a regular basis to coordinate our actions and strategies,” she said.

The spokesperson stressed that as far as is known, Western Azerbaijanis expelled from the territory of present-day Armenia in the last century live in different parts of the world.

“They are longing to return to their native lands. They are looking forward to the day when they will be able to return to their homes safely and with dignity. This is their fundamental right. I believe that events like the Berlin conference will be continuous and we will hold meetings with Western Azerbaijanis living in various parts of the world,” U. Zulfikar added.


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