Mexican TV channel highlights Azerbaijan’s growing role in Europe’s energy security

The successful energy policy pursued by Azerbaijan against the background of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war was highlighted during the “Between Borders” analytical program aired on Milenio, a leading Mexican news TV channel, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Mexico told News.Az.

During the program, it was noted that Azerbaijan, the initiator and leading force of the Southern Gas Corridor, has already proved itself to be a reliable partner of Europe, the country has become a significant regional actor as a result of its multifaceted energy policy and offered new opportunities in terms of ensuring the continent’s energy security. In this context, it was emphasized that the implementation of the “Solidarity Ring” initiative, which envisages additional gas supplies to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, is of great importance in terms of strengthening the energy security of those countries.

At the same time, while Europe accepts Azerbaijani gas as an alternative source to Russian gas, it was pointed out that the Caucasian country keeps pursuing a balanced policy. It is also stressed that amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Azerbaijan maintains good relations with both parties and stands out as a country that supports peace-building efforts.


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