Miami-Dade County in Florida proclaims May 28 as ‘Azerbaijan Republic Day’

Miami-Dade County in the U.S. State of Florida has proclaimed May 28, 2020 as ‘Azerbaijan Republic Day.’

The proclamation was signed by Carlos A. Gimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, the Azerbaijani Embassy in the U.S. told News.Az.

The document said that as the “Gateway of Americas,” Miami-Dade County has strived to acknowledge the achievements made by individuals, organizations and initiatives which personify our multi-cultural diversity and contribute to our society.

“Azerbaijani-Americans have a strong presence within our community, as they are contributors to our regional diversity, intercultural understanding, peace and prosperity,” the proclamation read. “There are more than 46 million Azerbaijani people around the world and for the last 100 years, they have observed May 28 as Azerbaijan Republic Day, in order to remember the impact of their forefathers, and for this same sentiment the Azerbaijan-American Cultural Association of Florida was established on October 26, 2006 to advocate for these people.”

Furthermore, it was noted that as of the first nation states to grant universal suffrage rights, the Republic of Azerbaijan was recognized by other democratic nations, including the U.S., and on May 28 around the country the people commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

“Miami-Dade Country is proud to honor the bonds between the U.S. and Azerbaijan on this special observance,” said the proclamation.  

In conclusion, Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez called upon the good people of Miami-Dade County to join him in applauding the efforts and achievements of all those of Azerbaijani descent within our community.


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