MoD: Session was held on the commander's training system in Combined Arms Army (VIDEO)

Combined Arms Army holds session on the commander training system with commanders and deputies of battalions and batteries.

In the session concentrated on improving the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the officers, and strengthening their skills in the management of units, the main focus was on the planning and conducting of exercises in tactical, intelligence, shooting, physical and drill training.

In the held classes, questions such as the importance of the new requirements that have arisen in modern battles, possible problems in management, and other issues in the fight against drones and small-sized quadrocopters have been worked out.

The physical and drill training of the officers involved in the commander's training session were checked, the guidelines and topography were examined.

In the end, the session was analyzed and the officers were instructed to further increase the level of combat training and professionalism of the subordinate personnel, adapt the trainings to real combat conditions, and use technological innovations.

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