Moral deformity: About 'Turkish peacekeepers' bowing down to Armenian separatists

"Turkish intellectuals have visited 'Artsakh' and got familiar with the history of the conflict."

Under this title the news was published in most Armenian media, who were happy to report about the Turkish guests who visited the Karabakh separatists and made a number of provocative anti-Azerbaijan statements before Armenian journalists. 

During the visit, a group of Turkish citizens who called themselves "social and political and cultural figures" held a meeting with representatives of the separatist regime.

The delegation included a member of Turkey's "Green and Left" political party, chairman of the public organization "Ankara's Thinking Platform", deputy of the 23rd convocation Turkish parliament Ufuk Uraz, writers Ali Bairamoglu and Said Chekinoglu, and TV host Erol Katyrchyoglu.

By results of the meetings, these "Turkish subjects" held a press conference in occupied Khankandi, where they voiced statements both against Azerbaijan and against Turkey itself.

Thus, head of the delegation Ufuk Uraz noted on behalf of all those present that "they want Turkey to face its history and recognize the 'Armenian genocide'. At the same time, Uraz specifically spoke out against the military way to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

"There is a law: the one who does not sit at the table is not right. First of all, we must put aside the notion of who is right and who is not, and sit down at a common negotiating table to conduct a dialogue and find solutions," Ufuk Uraz said.

He also indicated that he was not worried about whether he would be included on the "black list" of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry for visiting Karabakh occupied by Armenians without coordinating this visit with official Baku.

"I do not know what political consequences our visit will have in Baku, although we are aware that a big wave of protest has been raised there, but we want to say that this is done for them too," he said, without explaining what exactly "is being done for Azerbaijan."

The writer and public figure Said Chekinoglu, referring to Turkey, noted that he came from a country "where 'genocide' was carried out for many years against Armenians, Greeks of Pontus and Assyrians." He further spoke for the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border, closed, incidentally, back in the 90's in protest against the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions of Azerbaijan by Armenians.

"I think that the border with Armenia should be immediately and unconditionally opened, as most of the Turkish society supports the normalization of relations with Armenia and the opening of borders," said Said Chekinoglu, intentionally distorting the actual state of affairs.

The true attitude of the Turkish public towards the unilateral opening of the Turkish-Armenian border and normalization of relations in isolation from the Nagorno-Karabakh process was manifested a few years ago against the background of the signing of the Zurich protocols. At that time the Turkish public strongly opposed the policy of unilateral normalization of relations with Armenia, once again proving that the thesis "One nation, two states" used to describe the special relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey is not just words. Moreover, the current President of Turkey Erdogan, who replaced Abdullah Gul, repeatedly stated that there will be no normalization of relations with Armenia until it withdraws from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. And this is an absolutely fair position, reflecting the aspirations of the Turkish public.

As for the Turkish delegates, who went to pay homage to the Armenian thugs who expelled about a million of Azerbaijanis from their homes, before discussing the so-called "Genocide of Armenians", these impostor-peacekeepers could visit the ruins of the city of Khojaly, located not far from Khankandi.

When calling for peace, they could condemn not only the "genocide of the Greeks of Pontus" (since they want so), but also the genocide of the Azerbaijani people, which began in March 1918 and continued in Khojaly, where Armenian bandits led by Sargsyan killed 613 civilians. Expulsion of about 1 million Azerbaijanis from their homes, destruction of Muslim cultural and historical monuments in the occupied territories can also be listed here.

But, as we understand, these "conciliators" have completely different goals, namely, to attract Western public attention to themselves under the mask of "peacekeepers". Maybe they hope to get some "international award" or a residence permit in some Scandinavian country. There are dozens of such "peacekeepers", some of them emerged in Azerbaijan, too. It would be enough to recollect writer Akram Ailisli who wrote the novel "Stone Dreams" humiliating for both Azerbaijan and Turkey, in which the history of the region was impudently distorted, and the thoughts idealizing Armenians and justifying their atrocities were voiced.

As for the illegal visit of the Turkish public figures to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Turkish side will hopefully come out with an official condemnation of this fact. The prominent representatives of the Turkish public must also condemn it, since they undoubtedly understand how scrupulous this issue is for Azerbaijan. We are waiting for the manifestation of brotherly support!

It is exactly what the Azerbaijani people and government extended to Turkey during the coup attempt and the subsequent struggle with the followers of the FETO movement. Then Azerbaijan showed a clear position, supporting the democratic choice of the Turkish people and condemning the attempt of illegal seizure of power by this group.

So why does the Turkish side remain silent when its well-known representatives come out with so provocative statements about not only Azerbaijan, but also Turkey itself?

Have they forgotten Armenia's territorial claims to the Turkish lands regarding to Mount Ağridag depicted on the Armenian coat of arms?

In this matter, Azerbaijan has already demonstrated its principled position.

Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Hikmet Hajiyev has said that the illegal visit of Turkish citizens to the occupied territories is being investigated.

"Their names have already been included into the 'black list' of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry," he said.

In his turn, the adviser of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan Hamit Karadeniz provided with a very interesting information about the head of the delegation who visited the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh.

Karadeniz recalled that Ufuk Uraz was once elected to parliament from a party close to the PKK.

"He has no connections with other Turkish parties. He deliberately gathered people and went to Karabakh. Of course, we strongly condemn such actions," he said, noting that they in the embassy learned about this visit from the media.

He also assured that the Turkish state has nothing to do with this visit.

"Both in Turkey and Azerbaijan there are people with different views. After the death of Hrant Dink, people appeared in Turkey who stated: "We are all Armenians." Can the people making such statements be our friends? Of course, not! ", he said.

We hope that the Turkish public and officials in Ankara will also give an appropriate assessment to this visit.

It is in such moments that a real brotherhood shows itself.


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