"My mother still thinks that Shahbaz is in Russia" - Kalbajari hostage's sister

Azerbaijani citizen Shahbaz Guliyev, who was taken hostage by the Armenian Armed Forces has sent a letter to his family after a long time.

"Finally, we got a letter from Shahbaz. His health condition is normal, the letter states. Furthermore, he sent greetings to everyone and writes that he misses his family and mother. My mother still does not know anything. She thinks that Shahbaz is in Russia. His daughter, Elza awaits for his father. We worry about him. We believe that Shahbaz and Dilgam will be released very soon", sister of the hostage Irada Guliyeva told AzVision.az.

"ICRC representatives showed us the latest photos of Shahbaz. His clothes and hair were tidy. In previous photos taken in the "court", he was completely unrecognizable. Now, he is better", she added. 

Note, in July of this year, Russian citizen Dilgam Asgarov and Azerbaijani citizen Shahbaz Guliyev were taken hostage and another Azerbaijani citizen Hasan Hasanov was shot to death by the Armenian servicemen while trying to visit their homeland in Kalbajar.

Hasan Hasanov’s body was repatriated and buried in Baku.

On December 19, 2014, the “court” of the separatist regime in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh sentenced Dilgam Asgarov to life in prison, Shahbaz Guliyev to 22 years in prison. 


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