New page is opening in US-Azerbaijan relations - Ziyafat Asgarov

A new page is opening in US-Azerbaijan relations, First Vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament Ziyafat Asgarov told reporters on Thursday.

He noted that Azerbaijan has always enjoyed good relations with the United States, AzVision reports.

“US President Donald Trump made a very important statement at the Arab-Islamic American Summit. He also congratulated the president and people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of 28 May – Republic Day. As can be seen from Trump’s letter read out in the Oil and Gas exhibition, a new page is opening in the US-Azerbaijan relations. I personally approved his letters and statement.”

Asgarov stressed that all countries, big or small, are equal subjects of international law and it is not the right policy to intervene in another country’s domestic affairs under the guise of human rights or freedom of opinion.

“This is not working any more. Donald Trump realizes it too. There should only be cooperation and friendship with states. Azerbaijan is a country that can be a friend. This country plays a key role in Europe’s energy security. We have always had good relations with the US as well. We have always wanted to be frank and there to be frankness toward us. We hope for it,” he added. 


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