New Secretary General appointed to Gymnastics Federation

A new Secretary General has been appointed to the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation during the 30th session of the Executive Committee of the organization.

Sources in Azerbaijan's Gymnastics Federation told Oxu.Az that in the beginning of the session the heads of the Baku School of Gymnastics and Ocaq sport club briefed on the activity of their structures.

In addition, the session participants approved the proposed changes to the Regulation on the memorial medals of the federation, as well as rules of licensing gymnasts.

Then they approved the statement by Farid Gaibov on his release from the post of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation to prevent the future conflict of interests between the Azerbaijan Federation of Gymnastics and European Gymnastics Union (UEG) due to his new appointment.

Nurlana Mammadzadah has been appointed the new secretary general of the organization. Through 2007-2009 she has been the assistant to the Secretary General of the organization and since 2009 up to date she has been the deputy Secretary General.

Nurlana Mammadzadah was born in Baku in 1979. In 2000 she received her Bachelor's Degree in the English language philology at the Tefekkur university and in 2013 her master's degree by the same specialty at the Khazar university. 


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