Over 4.4 million coronavirus cases reported globally in one week

More than 4.4 mln coronavirus cases were reported worldwide in the past week, with over 66,000 deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday, adding that the number of new infection cases in seven days surpassed that in the previous week by 2%, while the mortality rate was roughly flat, TASS reported. 

A total of 4,444,632 people were infected with COVID-19 across the world and 66,506 patients died from August 9 to 15. As of August 15, 206,714,291 coronavirus cases had been recorded globally. Since the start of the pandemic, the COVID-19 death toll has reached 4,353,434.

In Europe, over 1.1 mln COVID-19 cases and more than 10,000 deaths were registered in seven days. In the Americas, more than 1.5 mln new coronavirus cases and over 19,000 deaths were recorded. In Southeast Asia, doctors confirmed over 502,000 COVID-19 cases, while more than 19,000 patients died over the past seven days. Most COVID-19 cases were reported by the US (883,996) in the past week, according to the WHO. This is followed by Iran (269,975) and India (258,121).

The WHO also noted that the highly contagious Delta COVID-19 variant, discovered in October 2020 in India, had expanded its geography from 142 to 148 countries.


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