(Ad) Azerbaijan's Evrika Lyceum introduces Owlypia Intellectuals' Week

Owlypia is rooted in the desire to give young people a chance to grow and develop as individuals in every capacity. We believe that young and inquisitive minds should be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and share their ideas in a stimulating environment, which is exactly what the Owlypia is all about!

Therefore, Evrika Lyceum introducing Owlypia Intellectuals' Week, trying to bring the Owlypia experience closer to students.

Owlypia Intellectuals' Week (OlW) is an exciting and interactive week full of activities that promote intellectual capacity and encourage students to improve their social and academic skills out of the classroom. It also provides a unique opportunity for students, teachers, and families to connect, work together, and learn from each other.

Students take four Owlypia Challenges throughout a two-day event. Through Owlypia

Intellectuals' Week students are encouraged to challenge their limits intellectually and given the power to tailor their learning experiences in ways that best suit their needs.

The age groups that can participate in this event are Owlins (9-11), Owlets (12-14), and

Owleys (15-18). When students register, they choose one of the subjects as their favourite.

These subjects are Art and Design, Literature and Culture, Economics and Business, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences. Students study from the resources that can be found on Owlypia website, which are related to the theme of the year: "INNOVATION" It will be held at Evrika lyceum on 2nd of April 2022. The duration is 9 a.m -4 p.m.


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