Pakistani envoy to Azerbaijan urges int’l community not to be indifferent to situation in Kashmir

The international community must not remain indifferent to what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir, said Pakistani Ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee, News.Az reports.

Speaking at a briefing on the situation in Kashmir, the ambassador urged the international community not to allow a new genocide to take place.

“Several countries that always advocate democracy, human rights and value, continue to turn a blind eye to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. This is a clear manifestation of double standards,” he said.

The Pakistani diplomat called Azerbaijan a brotherly and friendly country. He noted that Azerbaijan understands the desire of Kashmiris.

The ambassador reiterated that Pakistan supports Kashmir’s right to self-determination.

“Self-determination is a legitimate right of repressed Kashmiris. In Kashmir, people are being persecuted, human rights are being violated. The world must raise its voice to prevent a new genocide,” Ambassador Hayee added.


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