Per capita external debt of Azerbaijan disclosed

The external debt per capita makes $704.7.

According to data provided by borrowers, US dollar equivalence of residual amount of overall external debt under state guaranty amounted $6 913.2 mln by January 1, 2017. Thus the external debt per capita makes $704.7.

Report informs referring to 2016 annual report of the Government that the ratio of total amount of credit deals signed before January 1, 2017 to GDP of 2016 makes 32.3%, the ratio of loans used before January 1, 2017 and considered as external debt to GDP of 2016 - 20.4%.

According to the report, contingent liabilities considered as external state debt were equal to $406.2 mln by January 1, 2017.

Notably, Azerbaijan’s external debt on January 1, 2016 was $6 894.3 mln (10 751.0 AZN), the ratio of it to GDP was 19.8%. This figure embodies immediate liabilities of the government and contingent liabilities for loans attracted under state guaranty. As a result, per capita state external debt was $737.2. 


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