Philadelphia Inquirer: Azerbaijan shows possibility of peaceful coexistence

Over the centuries, Azerbaijan has shown the possibility of peaceful coexistence among diverse faith groups, said Marcia Bronstein, regional director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Philadelphia, in her article published by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bronstein has recently visited Azerbaijan as a participant in a Muslim/Jewish women’s bridge-building trip, Trend reports.

Muslims and Jews, Shiites and Sunnis, all live together in peace, harmony, and dignity in Azerbaijan, says the article.

The author noted that multiculturalism leads to mutual collaboration and respect among the various components of the Azerbaijani society, provides a source of vitality to the public and civil life of the country and propels its citizens to work cooperatively for the common good.

According to Bronstein, the model of respecting differences and honoring diversity are strong practices and beliefs, held for generations, and the basis of forming deep friendships among Azerbaijani citizens.

“Pope Francis, on an official visit to Azerbaijan last fall, praised the country's culture, harmony, and peaceful coexistence,” says the article.

“Coexistence is alive and well and thriving as a model for us in Azerbaijan,” added the author.


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