Powerful rain floods cities in western Georgia

Many of the streets of Georgia’s third largest city of Kutaisi have been flooded after a river expanded over its riverbed following a heavy rainfall.

An unofficial estimation says that in Kutaisi, the amount of rainfall that was expected during three months came in six hours, according to agenda.ge.

The city drainage system faced problems handling this amount of water and measures needed to be taken all night long to ease the situation, Kutaisi City Hall representative Gela Gagua told online newspaper Netgazeti.

Streets have been flooded in the town of Ozurgeti in western Guria region too. The scale of the flood meant cars were unable to drive across the town.

Basements and first floors of houses have filled with water in the town and nearby villages.

Poti port city in the Samegrelo region has also faced major traffic problems due to flooded roads.

Weather experts expect a powerful, magnitude-seven storm at the Black Sea coastline later today.

Intense rainfall is expected across the whole country today. Mountainous regions might even see some snowfall so the Road Department warned drivers to put their winter tires on.


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