President signs law 'On freedom of faith'

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has introduced alterations to the bill 'On freedom of faith'.

The following alterations have been made to the bill:

Part 4 of Article 1 appears as follows after the changes:

"Religious propaganda is prohibited for foreigners and stateless persons, except for persons invited by religious centers."

The altered second sentence of subsection 21 (3) looks as follows:

"Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who have received religious education abroad, with the approval of the Office of Muslims of the Caucasus and the relevant executive authority, can be admitted to conduction of religious rituals and ceremonies relating to the Islamic religion."

Part 2 of Article 24 is as follows:

"Sending citizens to study in foreign religious schools, exchange of students and teachers by religious educational institutions, as well as religious figures and specialists is carried out by the religious center upon consent of the relevant executive authority."


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