Prince Harry catches toddler stealing his popcorn - VIDEO

Prince Harry made a new friend at the Invictus Games.

Unfortunately for him, it appeared she was only after one thing: his popcorn.

Emily Henson, two, made a bold grab for the Prince's snack as he was absorbed in conversation on Thursday night.

The daring raid saw her get away with poaching popcorn for nearly a minute, before the Prince realised what was going on.

When he spotted Emily, daughter of his friend and former Invictus competitor and Paralympian David Henson, he teased her by taking the bag of popcorn away before relenting.

Playful Prince Harry went on to entertain the toddler, feeding her pieces of popcorn and admiring her toy.

Pulling an extraordinary range of faces to make her laugh, he poked his tongue out and pretended to grimace as he pointed out the cameras ahead of them.

Needing no more encouragement, Emily responded in kind by sticking her bottom lip out before settling in to lean on his knee and watch the volleyball action. 

Mr Henson, a former royal engineer who attended the volleyball with toddler Emily and his wife Hayley, had both his legs blown off by an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. 

He went on to captain the first UK Invictus Games Team in London in 2014 and has won bronze in 200m at the 2016 Paralympics. 

Mr Henson has since become a friend of the Prince, who is attending a variety of sports events throughout the Toronto Invictus Games. 

Earlier this year, Prince Harry told The Telegraph: "Of course, I'd love to have kids."

Already uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, he will welcome a third niece or nephew next year after Kensington Palace announced the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again.

Prince Harry is godfather to six of his friends' children, saying previously that he would "like to think" he does a good job.

“I think the key to that is to be able to grow up, but also be able to stay in touch with your childhood side,” he told The Telegraph.


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