Putin says Türkiye 'most reliable' partner of Russia in gas sector

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that since the West’s restrictions on buying cheap energy from Moscow, Türkiye has emerged as the "most reliable partner" in the gas sector, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

“They were constantly saying that Russia does not provide (energy), but restricts. We do not restrict anything… we give everything. The Turks proved to be the most reliable partner. It goes through TurkStream,” Putin said in an interview with Rossiya-1 TV.

The West hoped that Russia would collapse if they did not buy gas from the country, Putin said, adding that this approach had an impact on Western economies rather than on Moscow.

“Industry is moving to other countries, including the US, where more favorable conditions have been created and where energy resources are cheaper. Because they need to be liquefied before being transported across the ocean, then turned to gas again. All this increases costs,” the Russian president said.

He added that the non-energy sector of the Russian economy is expanding at a much faster pace than before and that it is coping with Europe's refusal to buy Russian gas by turning to alternative energy sources.

“We are starting to work more on our gasification, on using these energy resources to solve internal economic problems, not only in the housing and communal services system but also for the economy and industry,” he said.



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