Russian expert says ‘necessary’ to conduct unbiased investigation into Armenian terrorist attack in Azerbaijan’s Dashalti

The unbiased investigation into the recent Armenian terrorist attack in Azerbaijan’s Dashalti village is required, said Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine and Russian military expert.

He made the remarks Monday during the “Problems of strengthening peace in the Caucasian region” press conference, following the Russian-Azerbaijani conference in Azerbaijan’s Shusha city, News.Az reports.

An Armenian terrorist threw a grenade at a post with Azerbaijani and Russian servicemen in Dashalti village on November 13. The terrorist was detained by the Russian peacekeepers temporarily stationed in Azerbaijan.

The expert said that the terrorist was detained thanks to restraint, quick and prompt reaction.

“The unbiased investigation of this terrorist act is required,” Korotchenko said. “The Russian or Azerbaijani law enforcement structures may investigate this terrorist act.”

“It would be better to create a joint operational investigative group. This Armenian terrorist must be handed over to this group for all the necessary procedures to be carried out. This is the first attack, but we cannot predict whether it is the last one,” he noted.

“As long as illegal Armenian armed groups, contrary to Nikol Pashinyan's signature on the trilateral statement, stay in Karabakh region, it is like a cancerous tumor. It will spread in the form of terrorist attacks, sabotage and military hysteria to prevent the full implementation of the trilateral statement,” Korotchenko added.

He said that Yerevan’s silence regarding this terrorist act is surprising.

“There must be a solidary position of absolutely all forces and all countries,” the expert concluded.


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