SOCAR PETROLEUM explains reasons for Euro-95 gasoline price rise in Azerbaijan

Euro-95 and Euro-98 gasoline prices rose to 2 manats and 2.30 manats respectively in Azerbaijan from July 13, SOCAR PETROLEUM’s spokesperson Uzeyir Habibbayli said on Wednesday, News.Az reports.

“The prices for Euro-95 and Euro-98 gasoline, which are imported to Azerbaijan from abroad, have changed. Currently, only 9 percent of gasoline consumption in Azerbaijan accounts for Euro-95 and Euro-98,” he explained.

Habibbayli pointed out that the major factors triggering the growth in gasoline prices were the skyrocketing oil prices since last year, as well as a considerable increase in transportation costs amid the global inflation.

Previously, Euro-95 and Euro-98 gasoline were traded in Azerbaijan at 1.6 manats and 1.9 manats respectively.


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