President Aliyev: Armenia is a defeated country, Azerbaijan is a victorious country

“From the first days, I said that this issue must be resolved through military and political means. I said that we can stop the military solution at any time and we are ready to do that. But on one condition – Pashinyan must personally say when he will leave our lands. He must make a commitment and provide a timetable. It must be stated when they will leave our lands. As soon as that happens, I will stop the offensive operation,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the nation.

The head of state said: “He has already been punished. At that time, when he put forward seven conditions to us, I said: I have only one condition. I throw your seven conditions in the trash: get out of our land. Go out on your own. If he had listened to me, he would not have fallen into this disgraceful situation.”

“The results of the war just as I said. We liberated Jabrayil, Fuzuli, Zangilan, Gubadli, Murovdag, Sugovushan, Hadrut, most of Khojavand district and Shusha by military means. We broke the enemy's back on the battlefield. One day after the liberation of Shusha, when we liberated more than 70 villages, the enemy knelt down and signed an act of capitulation.”

The Azerbaijani leader added: “The war showed again who is who. Armenia is a defeated country. Azerbaijan is a victorious country. Kalbajar is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”


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