Azerbaijani parliament adopts draft state budget for 2021

Azerbaijan's Milli Majlis (parliament) on Friday adopted the draft on state budget for 2021 in the first reading. 

The consolidated budget revenues for 2021 are forecasted in the amount of 23,828.1 million manat ($14,016.5 million) in the draft submitted to the Azerbaijani parliament, which is by 1,465.1 million manat that’s $861,823 (6.6 percent) more than in 2020.

The consolidated budget expenditure will amount to 31,163.4 million manat ($18,331.4 million), which is by 855.1 million manat that’s $503 million (2.8 percent) more compared to 2020.

The deficit of the consolidated budget in 2021 will amount to 7,335.3 million manat ($4,314.8 million), which is by 610.1 million manat ($358.9 million) less than in 2020 (7.7 percent).

The deficit will be equal to the projected 9.7 percent of GDP, which is by 1.4 percent less than in 2020.


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