First VP Mehriban Aliyeva: We will never forget Patriotic War martyrs

First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has made an Instagram post about the martyrs who died in the Patriotic War.

The post reads:

“Dear brothers and sisters!

Today, we commemorate the martyrs who died in the battles of the Patriotic War.

The brave sons of Azerbaijani people sacrificed their lives for the Victory, for the future of Azerbaijan.

Each of them is a real hero, an embodiment of valor and fearlessness.

Today I mourn together with the families of our martyrs and bow my head in front of the parents who raised their sons who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the Motherland. The blood of our martyrs was not shed in vain – we restored historical justice, won the sacred Victory. This Victory has forever went done in the history of Azerbaijani people!

It is the duty of each of us to remember at what cost Victory was achieved! We will never forget the martyrs of the Patriotic War. They will forever remain in our hearts.

May Allah rest the souls of our martyrs in peace! I pray to God for the speedy recovery of the wounded and wish patience to their families and relatives. May the Almighty God protect Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people!”

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