Tair Kerimli: Azerbaijan can not spoil relations with Qatar

The state of Qatar is accused of supporting terrorism and establishing secret relations with Iran.

For this reason, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, the Maldives and Libya have cut ties with Qatar.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan closely cooperates with Qatar in many spheres. 

According to Oxu.Az, member of the Milli Mejlis, member of the working group on Azerbaijan-Qatar inter-parliamentary relations Tahir Kerimli told Modern.az regarding this issue that Azerbaijan should not sever its relations with Qatar:

"It is true that Saudi Arabia and other states did this. As with these countries, we have normal relations with Qatar. These states should not be enemies with each other. After all, Qatar categorically does not accept charges of financing terrorism and information related to Iran.

Secondly, Azerbaijan has never been part of any grouping and is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. Therefore, this event can not have a negative impact on the Azerbaijani-Qatar relations. Undoubtedly, somebody wants Azerbaijan to express its position. But Azerbaijan has its own state policy, and it must continue it. Just as  Azerbaijan once managed to defend its position during the deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey."

According to the deputy, relations with Qatar cannot be spoiled.

"As a member of the friendship group, I can say that, firstly, Azerbaijan is going through a sensitive period. The Azerbaijani state managed to maintain friendly relations with all states, except Armenia. Therefore, we can not spoil relations with Qatar. The US, Iran and Turkey support the negotiated solution to the Qatari issue.
"Undoubtedly, Azerbaijan should also adhere to this path," he said.


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