Tourist flow to Azerbaijan more than doubles

In January-August 2022, 1,004,100 traveled to Azerbaijan, up 2.3 times from a year earlier, News.Az reports citing the State Tourism Agency.

The number of tourists who entered the country in August alone increased by 2.2 times to 172,000.

Most tourists came from Russia (43,000), Turkiye (24,200) and Saudi Arabia (22,800).

Moreover, 14,400 tourists travelled from Iran, 7,600 from Georgia, 6,900 from Pakistan, 5,700 from India, 4,700 from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 4,400 from Kuwait, 4,000 from Oman, 3,800 from Israel, 3,700 from Kazakhstan, 3,500 from Uzbekistan, 2,300 from Belarus and 2,000 from Ukraine.

Some 25.3% of visitors, who chose Azerbaijan, came from Middle East countries, 25% from Russia, 14% from Asian countries and Turkiye, 7% from European countries, 8.4% from Iran, 4.4% from Georgia and 1.7% from other regions.


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