Tsarukyan’s arrest will not solve anything for Pashinyan: Russian expert

Strange as it may seem, Gagik Tsarukyan will benefit from repressions, since they automatically help to break away from the image of Nikol Pashinyan’s main supporter, Grigory Trofimchuk, a Russian expert on foreign policy, defense and security, told News.Az.

He emphasized that Armenian PM Pashinyan’s actions against Tsarukyan are quite understandable.

“Since the prime minister’s rating is falling, he needs to be supported by the “fight against oligarchs. Tsarukyan has an indestructible dossier on Pashinyan, and this “people’s oligarch” was one of the main driving forces for bringing Pashinyan to power in spring 2018. Without Tsarukyan’s support, Pashinyan would have found it difficult to come to power. Moreover, the Prosperous Armenia Party is the main political force that is currently posing a threat to the prime minister,” the expert noted.  

He further said that it’s difficult for Tsarukyan personally to count on becoming the country's prime minister himself, and the best option for him is to keep a fresh candidate for Armenian leadership in his pocket and help him financially.

“The true face of the Armenian government was revealed before Pashinyan became prime minister. Politicians of the post-Soviet space have already repeatedly proved in practice which swindlers are sitting under the guise of “popular democracy” and “liberalism” of the Western type. Nikolay Vovaevich illustrated this once again, although it was clear from the very beginning,” the expert added.

Trofimchuk stressed that the Armenian people themselves must ask very difficult questions to all of them together, including Pashinyan and Tsarukyan.

“Due to people like corrupt Sargsyan, ordinary people have become even worse. The authorities must answer for this, and even Tsarukyan’s arrest will not solve anything for Pashinyan,” he said.


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