"TurAz Falcon - 2021" joint exercises of Azerbaijan, Turkey wrap up (VIDEO)

The closing ceremony of the "TurAz Falcon - 2021" joint flight-tactical exercises of the Azerbaijani and Turkish Air Forces was held at the airbase in Konya, Turkey, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told News.Az.

At the closing ceremony, the commander of the airbase, Major General Onder Shansoz, congratulated the military personnel participating in the exercises and wished them success in their future service.

It was noted that the flight, technical and support staff gained extensive experience in the successfully completed exercises. The importance of such exercises in maintaining the high level of combat readiness of military pilots was emphasized, as well as the necessity of conducting further joint exercises was expressed with confidence.

The activity of the pilots, who skillfully used the tactical and technical capabilities of the combat aircraft and professionally accomplished all the assigned tasks, was highly appreciated by the airbase commander.

At the end, the participants were presented with certificates and a photo was taken.

It should be noted that two MiG-29 fighters, two Su-25 attack aircraft of the Azerbaijan Air Force were involved in the joint exercises.


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