Turkey, Azerbaijan accomplished great success together, ambassador says

Turkey and Azerbaijan have accomplished many things together, including the liberation of Karabakh, Turkey's Ambassador to Azerbaijan said Thursday, Daily Sabah reports.

Before leaving his duty in Azerbaijan's capital Baku following the end of his term in office, Erkan Özoral met with the representatives of Turkish foundations and institutions operating in the country. Saying that he worked to develop the bilateral ties between the two countries during his term, Özoral added that he will leave Azerbaijan with the relief of fulfilling his mission.

Underlining that the bilateral relations between the countries are currently at an exceptional level, he said: "We won the Karabakh war together. Thanks to God, Azerbaijan regained its lands. In addition to the Karabakh war, we also saw great strides in other fields. We accomplished great success. We, as the embassy, also worked hard to accomplish this."

Azerbaijani officials earlier expressed that Turkish companies would be prioritized in tenders in a bid to improve the quality of construction projects and that procedures for planned investments would be simplified. The rebuilding process is already underway across the region and surrounding provinces liberated from Armenian occupation in late 2020 after six weeks of intense conflict.

During his four and half years duty term, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Azerbaijan more than 20 times, he said adding that the delegation visits reached more than 100.


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