Turkey bans ads on Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest

Turkey banned social media sites that have failed to hire local representatives from advertising Monday, according to the Official Gazette, Anadolu Agency reports. 

Last October, a new social media law came into effect in the country which obligates social media sites that are accessed over a million times per day in Turkey to hire a local representative.

As part of the law, Turkey has fined social media platforms 40 million Turkish liras ($5.43 million) so far under the first two phases of the process.

After the fines, advertisement activities are banned, and in the last two phases, the country will limit bandwidth by 50% and up to 90%, respectively.

If the social media firms appoint local representatives, 75% of the fine will be waived and the bandwidth reduction will end.

The Official Gazette said Turkish advertisements cannot be posted on Pinterest, Twitter and Periscope.

If enterprises that are active in Turkey breach the ban, they will face a number of charges.

Popular social media firms Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, VK and DailyMotion have agreed to appoint local representatives so far.


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