Turkey denies Russia’s information on bombing of coordinates in Syria’s al-Bab

General Staff of the Turkish Army denied Russia’s information about bombing Turkish soldiers in al-Bab on February 9.

APA reports citing to Hurriyet that the General Staff said that according to contract signed on January 12, 2017 between Russia and Turkey, Turkish Armed Forces regularly share the information about the military operations with Russia: “Our servicemen which were bombed on February 9 have been in than point for 10 days. On February 8, the coordinates of our forces were resent to authorized persons at Khmeimim Air Baseat 11:11 p.m. At the same hours, Russian military attaché in Ankara was invited to the Staff and the same coordinates were given to him to”.

Russian air strikes on Thursday killed three, wounded eleven Turkish soldiers during an operation against Islamic State in Syria. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the coordinates of that point were given by Turkish side: “. We acted upon the coordinates given by Turkish side. There had not to be Turkish soldiers”.


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