Turkey, Greece hold 5th round of NATO-led talks

Military delegations from Turkey and Greece have met for the fifth time as part of a NATO-led initiative to discuss deconfliction mechanisms in the Eastern Mediterranean, security sources said Tuesday, Daily Sabah reports. 

In a statement, the Turkish Defense Ministry said the delegations have completed the fifth round of talks at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The ministry noted that the next meeting is expected to be held next week.

Stoltenberg had announced the possible diplomatic opening in a statement on the military alliance's website the same day Turkey announced that Russia plans to conduct live-fire naval exercises this month in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The dialogue is part of a NATO-led initiative to establish "deconfliction mechanisms" in the Eastern Mediterranean, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

The talks aim to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents in the region, as the two countries are involved in a dispute over access to natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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