Turkish ambassador: Terrorism targeting whole world

Terrorism is now targeting the whole world, whole mankind, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral told APA on Thursday.

He noted that Turkey’s stance on terror is evident.
“Turkey has suffered a lot from terror and lost a large number of its citizens,” he said.
The diplomat stressed that Turkey condemns terror in the fiercest possible way regardless of wherever it strikes.
“Turkey stands against any form of terror. Turkey doesn’t accept terror and terrorists being classified under various names. Terror is always terror and a terrorist is always a terrorist. We condemn any form of terror,” he said.  
Ozoral pointed out that terror should be combated on a global scale.
“In the fight against terrorism, Turkey therefore tends to go into any type of cooperation with any country and always offers support in this way. That’s what is required for combating terrorism,” said the ambassador, adding. “In tackling terrorism, it’s not right to lay down conditions. All forms of terrorism must be dealt with in the same way. Terror today has become indiscriminate; such acts were committed yesterday in Iran and last week in the UK. It cannot be ruled out about any country in the world. We must all stand against terrorism because it is now targeting the whole world, whole mankind.”  



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