Turkiye has hosted largest number of refugees worldwide in last 7 years: Erdogan

Turkiye has received the largest number of refugees in the world over the past 7 years, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday, News.Az reports citing Turkish media.

“Despite the worsening global migration and refugee crisis, some developed countries are still taking no responsibility, leaving others such as Turkiye to shoulder the real burden, Erdogan said in a video message to the Global Parliamentary Conference on migration.

“The real burden of the issue of migration and refugees does not fall on developed nations with a strong voice, but on countries like ours that are neighbors to the crisis regions,” the president said.

Erdogan also spoke about the inhumane treatment of refugees by Greece, a country that Turkiye and human rights groups have repeatedly condemned for its illegal practice of pushing back asylum seekers and using violence against vulnerable people, including women and children.


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